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Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy

The investment marketplace has changed dramatically, and requires different strategies than our parents used. As a result, there is no one money manager that can be all things to all investors. Ascent Financial Strategies has access to a diverse number of money managers that offer their own unique investment style when it comes to managing client assets.

Throughout many decades, there have been a number of secular bull markets as well as secular bear markets, as defined by Professor Robert Shiller of Yale University. And since the Financial Crisis of 2008, the central banks around the world have used unconventional means to stimulate our financial markets and our economies. The end results of these tactics have not gone full cycle.To some professionals, it suggests that we should expect lower returns in the future.

During these market cycles, we have the capabilities to use a multi-strategy approach to managing money. There are times to be tactical (active allocation) in investing, to take advantage of weakness in an otherwise overpriced market. There are also times to be more strategic (passive allocation) in investment style, when markets are fairly valued based on economic growth. With bond yields at record low levels, and even negative in some countries, it is also important to evaluate the reward and risk measures of bond holdings. There are no risk free investments any more.

We also utilize RiskAlyze to assess a client's tolerance for risk in their portfolios. By working with a financial professional, individuals can establish the appropriate amount of risk for their situations and goals. This can help to provide financial confidence, as we encounter bumps along the way.

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.  There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.

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